Coop 2022 Management Conference
Corporate Event / Taskshops / Scenography


Client: Coop
Job: Concept, planning, staging


Livingmedia truly “went to town” to stage the Coop 2022 Management Conference on the Attisholz premises in Riedholz (SO), an area spanning almost 250 acres. The string of events kicked off with a colorful multimedia show, followed by Coop CEO Philipp Wyss' opening address. Then, without further ado, everyone proceeded directly to fulfilling the day's motto, “Tackling jobs and celebrating success together.” This meant handing out more than 40 tasks (determined by lot) to 3500 guests, each of whom had the chance to tackle it and leave positive traces – until lunchtime.

Once the work was done, it was time for the exploratory/culinary fun to begin: 16 food trucks and stalls offered everything to please the hungry “tacklers'” palates, several shows rolled across the huge Coop City Stage, and 15 fun, interactive adventure zones waited to be tried out and dived into. And then it was: party on! – when Swiss festival favorites Patent Ochsner and Covered feat. Börni took the stage. Luckily, the drivers of the 80 hired coaches were all well-rested when they took the day's guests home – because thoese were very tired, indeed, but entirely satisfied, too.




Click on the image to set the Attisholz event in motion.

The panoramic Coop universe projections were conceived and produced by

Let's go! Group No. 9 on their way to manufacturing seat cushions for all the guests

Seamstresses and seamsters hard at work, making sure that no one's behind got sore anymore

Insect hotels: Leaving beneficial traces for the very little ones, too

Taking a break was extra easy at the Livique Lounge, the urban chill-out jungle

Here comes the lightweight heavyweight: Jumbo, the blue elephant, alighting on the Coop universe

Everyone (well, almost) managed the U-turn at the Interdiscount Super Mario Kart Race

The Halba chocolate fountain was what many a sweetheart had a sweet tooth for

Wonderfully fragrant photos could be taken at Import Parfumerie's selfie corner

Not tired just yet? How about another round of Update fitness, then!

Here's another one who couldn't get enough – “breaking” all the rules, it seems

To top it all off, festival favorites Patent Ochsner brought their “Bärndüütsch” hits to the Attisholz stage