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Live Communication


Whether you intend to strengthen your brand in the long term, or your idea is to increase sales immediately: ultimately, only communication that will provably have an effect and be profitable is worth its money. And that is why Grünbaum Koblasa Livingmedia is so dedicated to live communication.


The idea of live communication is to allow the target group on one side and the manufacturer and its brand on the other to meet in a personal, active manner in a prearranged environment that appeals to the emotions. The direct and personal interaction between the manufacturer and the target audience leads to distinctive and lasting memories. If live communication really works, it will make something happen. And it will yield something.


Our goal: to support our clients in reaching their goals faster and better. Our ambition: to create tailor-made, unorthodox live communication solutions that prove extraordinarily successful. To achieve this goal, we will literally pull out all the stops, be it as a general contractor, be it as your partner in specific areas.


Incidentally, we are known not only for making live communication strong, but for making it sustainable as well. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to demonstrate our know-how in the area of sustainability on numerous projects for clients such as Bio Suisse, Coop, Chocolats Halba and ZKB.





For products, for services, for companies: Made-to-measure events support your emotional messages, firmly focused on the target, providing them with a live stage to perfectly complement your PR efforts. They are a medium with an immediate effect, a medium that motivates directly.

Events are one of the strengths of Grünbaum Koblasa Livingmedia. And this is where we are especially strong: Employee or marketing events, company anniversaries, gala events, incentives and exhibitions.





Promotions create a world of experience around a product, increase security and loyalty and thus lead customers to buy or at least try out a product. In addition, they help keep brands up to date. Promotions are another of the strengths of Grünbaum Koblasa Livingmedia. We are especially strong in the following areas: Product launch campaigns, promotional tours, sales promotions, promotions involving worlds of experience, and action marketing.




Scenography means making a room become a character or a stage for characters. Its expressive potential makes a room the essential component of non-verbal communication. And it plays a major role at Grünbaum Koblasa Livingmedia.


When we turn rooms into characters, whether real or virtual, and using a wide range of media and methods, we do it to create corporate or brand universes that appeal to all senses; that leave a lasting impression with their target audience; and that, consequently, make something happen, and will yield something.


The following areas of scenography are among our particular strengths: exhibitions, worlds of experience, exhibition booths, stage design, installations and performances.