Coop Naturaplan Anniversary Celebration
Employee Event / Scenography


Client: Coop
Job: Concept, planning and staging of event and installations


Conceived as an incentive measure and to strengthen the closeness between the employees and their Naturaplan product line, Coop invited 3,000 employees to the Heitereplatz festival grounds in Zofingen to celebrate the anniversary of their home brand. And Livingmedia “set the table”. This included setting up land-art installations to give the location a more dramatic feel. The guests were catered for at expansive self-serve salad and fruit bars as well as from several barbecue stations – at the center of which a whole oxen was rotating on a spit. Later on, the gigantic birthday cake was ignited in a spectacular fiery performance, while on the stage, German disco legends Boney M made the open-air festival atmosphere complete. Elsewhere on the festival grounds, games such as “cow lottery” kept everyone busy and entertained. The event was rounded off with the planting of the first 40 trees constituting the ProSpecieRara Obstsortengarten Zofingen (the Zofingen ProSpecieRara orchard), with all guests pitching in.  




Some 3,000 guests meant that the table cloth had to be a little larger than usual

To enter the Heitereplatz grounds, the guests had to pass through the Naturaplan gate

Just as nature had planned it, a flight of ducks passed over the picknick lawn

A heavenly selection: The Naturaplan salad bar awaiting the crowd

Even Boney M sang Happy Birthday – sort of

Mr. Blue Sky gladly contributed to the perfect open-air-festival atmosphere

This cow wasn’t a lottery prize – but part of the game nevertheless

Digging makes hungry for ... dessert: 40 ProSpecieRara fruit trees were planted in no time