Shopping means Exerting Influence
Exhibit / Storytelling


Client: Coop
Job: Concept, staging, story and content creation


The Coop “store” at Umwelt Arena (a groundbreaking new type of information center dedicated to the environment, energy and sustainability), opened by Livingmedia in cooperation with Coop and Stauffenegger + Stutz, is no ordinary supermarket. Visitors shown around by “manager” Filip Grünenfelder can experience, for example, how important biodiversity is to Coop Naturaplan, or why Coop’s Max Havelaar-certified roses make you smart, or why Coop Naturaline t-shirts won’t cause rivers to turn purple.


The purpose of this interactive exhibit, in other words, is to show people how their daily shopping decisions have a direct impact on many people, animals and the environment – promoting sustainability through better consumer awareness.




Video: exploring the Coop “store” at Umwelt Arena

Stands up for sustainability: Coop “store manager” Filip Grünenfelder

Interactive surprises await visitors on the “supermarket’s” shelves

Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard, too, gained new insights on her visit

Cool: The Pro Montagna installation is located in a refrigerated room

Green future: Visitors of the Naturaplan Installation in the “veggie crate”

A peek inside Naturaplan reveals the question: “Which of my favorite types of fruit is produced in my region?”

The Naturaline installation: In the changing booth with Mr. Grünenfelder

Actress Melanie Winiger, too, supports fair trade (Naturaline) textiles

A final word in the checkout lane: Mr. Grünenfelder sums it all up, ecologically