H&M Fashion Visions
Press Event / Fashion Shoot / Show


Client: Hennes & Mauritz SA
Job: Concept, planning and staging of media event, photo shoot and shows


Six up-and-coming Swiss fashion designers were invited to make their own creations using the then current H&M collection. Those were, in an initial stage, placed in appropriately stylish settings and photographed under the direction of Livingmedia. The representatives of the specialized media were then provided with a CD press kit containing pictures and articles documenting the project.


At the event (the second stage), which took place at Limmat Hall in Zurich, the designers’ collections took the catwalk. TV presenter Eva Wannenmacher hosted the show as well as the couch talk with the aspiring designers and H&M’s Head of Design.

In a third stage, the collections went on tour, visiting various locations in Zurich and Geneva, including the ZHdK From Sweden with Love exhibit.


And lastly, a four-page special report on the project was published in Swiss fashion magazine Annabelle; in addition, over 20 periodicals and newspapers printed similar reports.


Not just a patch job: The bold look of Mona-Lisa Madörin’s collection

Look but don’t touch: A rather “naughty” concept by Tamara Cardone

Design on the (cutting) edge: Claudia Innocenti’s catwalk

A wowed audience at Tamara Cardone’s catwalk

Fashion pros getting candid with talk host Eva Wannenmacher (2nd from left)

Fashion in the press 1: An article in 20 Minuten

Fashion in the press 2: An article in Annabelle

Fashion on tour 1: Exhibit at Real Time Society in Zurich

Fashion on tour 2: Exhibit at H&M in Geneva