Anniversary World Tour
«RONAL at 50» Gala Events


Client: RONAL AG
Job: Concept, planning, staging & logistics


Five decades of RONAL: To top off proceedings at every “pit stop” of the fabulous RONAL anniversary bash in eight different countries, the guests seated under the thematically decorated big top enjoyed a colorful menu composed of a variety of ingredients, prepared and served up with great panache by Livingmedia.

Which means that to each of RONAL’s five decades was dedicated a separate show segment featuring a host of international artists – a spectacular and fast-paced mix of music, dance and circus arts in a visual setting to match.

Each show was presented by a show host popular in the respective country the Tour was visiting. Their job included interviewing RONAL CEO Yvo Schnarrenberger and the local RONAL representatives, presenting the highlights from the golden RONAL chronicles, supervising the Happy Birthday ritual and providing the audience with an interactive glimpse of the RONAL GROUP’s future.

But it wasn’t circus arts and info alone that the guests at RONAL’s anniversary events were regaled with: Between show segments, the “Anniversary World Tour” also left room for a sumptuous three-course gala dinner worthy of an event of this magnitude.




On their musical ride back to the Seventies, singer Börni and her troupe landed smack in the middle of a “Car Wash”

Sporting a true Seventies afro, TV presenter Omenaa Mensah interviewed RONAL CEO Yvo Schnarrenberger … in Polish!

Sometimes the wheels became airborne, e.g. during the fast-paced 80s-style performance of rollerskaters Sven & Jan

Singer Börni breaked her way through the high-energy choreography together with the dancers from the Academy of Performing Arts Zurich

Not without his helmet – Mexican breakdancer Dr. Hill performing one of his pretty far-out headspins

Czech show host Iva Kubelková showed the anniversary audience through RONAL’s Nineties highlights in style

The 2000s was were things really took off – at least dance-wise, as shown by artists Laura, Natalia, Saeed and Jasmin

Wheels aren’t only for rolling: Russian artist Natalia Gavrilova had the audience under her spell

RONAL’s wheels have hugged the road for 50 years now – quite a contrast to Lukas & Aaron, the wild Swedish teeterboard artists

What everyone had been waiting for – the Happy Birthday ritual featuring the golden RONAL wheel of fortune and a fireworks display

In Italy, charming Barbara Pedrotti presented the Grande Spettacolo and even managed to make Ivo Schnarrenberger smile

She stayed on track even when things got technical: German show host Sarah Valentina provided glimpses of the RONAL GROUP’s future