Immark AG, Aarwangen, Grand Opening
Exhibition / Customer, Employee, Public Event


Client: Thommen Group
Job: Concept, planning and staging of three events


Immark AG's brand-new refrigerator recycling facility, one of Europe's most advanced of its kind, is capable of processing up to 200 units per hour. This major sustainability investment undertaken by the Thommen Group in Aarwangen (canton of Bern) was duly celebrated over the course of three events, all professionally staged by Livingmedia.

The first event, reserved for customers, partners, officials and the media, focused on the facility's actual opening and was ably hosted by Immark's Managing Director Sabine Krattiger. After the Grand Opening ceremony (handled, not entirely without irony, by comedian Helga Schneider and her co-host, the Thommen Group's CEO) the guests were free to visit the accompanying exhibition or sample what the various street food stalls on the premises had to offer.

Event number two was aimed at Thommen Group employees from all over Switzerland. And on the third and final event day the people from the Aarwangen area were invited to get a good look at the premises – and they could have a good time enjoying various games and attending several workshops for participants of every age.




Click on the image to set the Grand Opening in motion.

The brand-new Immark facility: All made up and ready to welcome guests

A round of applause for Immark CEO Sabine Krattiger's Grand Opening!

Comedian Helga Schneider, fighting for a cleaner world – telling “dirty stories”

The Immark plant “digests” 200 refrigerators like these – every hour

Removal and separation: An important step in the recycling process

These bins contain recovered raw materials

The Bubble Waffles by Drive Café are almost ready

One of the Aarwangen attractions: The SENS foundation's e-waste exhibit