Bio Suisse “Bio” Farm Open Day
Promotion Tour / Action Trail


Client: Bio Suisse
Job: Concept, planning and staging of biodiversity trail


Swiss organic farming association BioSuisse contacted Livingmedia to stage a “Bio” (organic) farm open day. In response to this request, we developed, in cooperation with organic farming experts and the company Ortsofort, a one-person play on the topic of biodiversity in organic farming. This play was performed more than 80 times on over 50 organic farms throughout German-, French- and Italian-speaking Switzerland.


In the play, actors explained to the visitors walking the action trail why biodiversity is especially high on organic farms. The play was written in a way that made it possible to adapt the plot to each respective organic farm and that made the play exciting and instructive to both adults and children. Following each performance, the visitors could sample the farms’ produce, explore the farms and get to know the farmer families.





Bio-what? Bio-how? Good questions! Theater trail start at the biodiversity cart

There was a great deal to learn and a lot to sample at the organic farm open days

“Mrs. Berli” (actress Hanna Scheurig) informed visitors about biodiversity on the organic farm

Knew all the tweets: “Mrs. Berli” also explained the birdsong quiz

“Mrs Berli” proved knowledgeable even when it came to complicated stuff such as ecological compensation sites